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Luke Blue Eagle Sacred Teachings

It is my passion and joy to be in service to humanity.

For a very long time I’ve worked to create ways to increase our health and well-being. What I offer is holistic – that is, I am interested in the health of the whole person: the physical, the emotional, the mind and spirit. 

To this end, I offer three primary mediums to elevate the human spirit, conscious awareness, emotional balance and the health of the physical body: through the healing alchemy of fragrances, music therapy, and sharing ancient knowledge, wisdom and ceremony.

Crystals & Humans

Crystals were created at the very onset of the creation of mother earth, eons before humankind. The crystals hold primordial information vital to the earth’s coherence and its very existence. 

The crystal in Indigenous tradition are considered as being the bones of mother earth and living, breathing beings imbued with consciousness that can become our teachers.

Crystals are the foundation of carbon based life. The minerals that constitute crystals are also part of our own body. Human DNA is a form of liquid crystal; we are thus intimately connected with crystal energy. It’s the organization of the molecular structure and specific geometrical forms of a crystal that determines the way it transforms, transmutes or amplifies energies. This is true for all types of energies including healing energy and the human electromagnetic energy fields known as aura.

Since we are crystalline beings, the first step in working with crystals is to work on ourselves. Thus, spiritual practice is an essential part of the Luke Blue Eagle’s method and approach.

Another specific difference in Luke Blue Eagle’s teachings is that he trains people on how to purify the crystal, energize them and form a bond and right relationship with the crystal.

In Indigenous elements theory, there’s wind, water, fire, earth, and sacred sound. By understanding the frequencies of sound, colour, energy fields and the elements, we can train to channel the right kind of energy with the crystals to help and to heal.

As crystals are in a period of rediscovery worldwide, we can tune into their powers with our intention to heal ourselves, each other, and our world. The Indigenous People of America have worked with crystals for millennia and their healing arts remains valid today, and for future generations.

What to Expect

How to spiritually prepare to work with crystals using meditation, dance, exercises, and how to purify, and care for them, including how to establish right relationship with a crystal. 

Safe, and effective healing techniques, including how to make crystal essences, how to program a crystal, and how to purify the energy centers or perform a healing treatment with Clear Quartz Crystal.

Join our community to explore the properties and healing uses of 40 important crystals and stones, including Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Amethyst, and Citrine—the Coyote Stone. These 40 stones are the ones used by Traditional Indigenous American crystal healers.

These will be taught in the Indigenous traditional way (sitting in a circle on the floor (or chair if needed))… no classroom format, so no chalkboard or presentation screen.

Wisdom Teachings

Crystals, and stones come from Mother Earth, and Indigenous medicine people have been using them to help and to heal for millennia… because it works.

Their techniques, although simple, have proven effective through the innumerable healers who have handed down these teachings across the generations.

With the permission of his Indigenous Elders, and teachers, Luke Blue Eagle shares therapeutic, and spiritual use of crystals as taught by several traditional First Nation Elders:

  • Guidance, and teachings designed to spiritually, and energetically prepare you for crystal healing work
  • Connections between the Sun, Moon, planets, and crystals as well as the energetic properties of different colours as they manifest in stones
  • How to purify, care for, and protect your crystals, including how to establish right relationship with a crystal and perform a consecration ceremony for a new gemstone
  • Properties and healing uses of 40 important crystals and stones
  • Safe and effective healing techniques, including how to make crystal essences, how to program a crystal, and how to purify the energy centers or perform a healing treatment with Clear Quartz Crystal


By forming respectful relationships with crystals, and gemstones, we can amplify healing energies/ intentions, and also bring ourselves back into harmony with Mother Earth.

About Luke Blue Eagle

Luke Blue Eagle is a Saskatchewan Metis from Algonquin, Pawnee, Abenaki and French-Canadian ancestors. In 1979, after being contacted by his ancestors, he began a 25-year period of training in the indigenous healing arts with Elders from several First Nations in Canada, and the United States, including:

  • William Commanda of the Algonquin Nation
  • Sun Bear of the Chippewa Nation
  • OhShinnàh Fastwolf of the Apache Nation
  • And many others

He is considering moving to the Calgary area of Alberta based on his love of the prairies (and horses).

Respect Tradition. Embrace Change.

Level i

First indigenous contact with crystals and basics

Emphasis on the traditional philosophy, the guiding principles in the use of crystals, and gem stones for therapeutic purposes will be taught:

  • What are crystals and why do they enable healing
  • The three basic principles in crystal healing
  • Purifying and harmonizing methods to prepare the individual for crystal healing
  • Purifying and the care of crystals
  • Seven Rays, and their Crystal Manifestation
  • Specifics of various Crystals
  • Beginning Exercises, and Techniques for hands-on healing
  • Meditating Exercises, and Sacred Movements increasing vital energy, and other essential aspects of working with crystals.

Level 1

open to anyone

Thursday () + Friday ()

  • 9am to Noon
  • Lunch Break (2 hours)
  • 2pm to 6pm (may extend beyond)


CRystals Level ii

Healing with crystals and its philosophy

Emphasis on hands-on healing, philosophy, and deeper understanding of crystals:

  • Shamanic journeying with the Crystals
  • The Crystal Totem
  • The Three Fundamental Laws of Healing
  • More specific Crystals and their use
  • The Five Elements
  • The Programming, Encoding, and Consecration of Crystals
  • Hands-on healing with the specific Quartz Crystal
  • Advanced Meditation, Movement Exercises, Beginning Stretching, and Breathing Exercises.

Level 2

Saturday () + Sunday ()

  • 9am to Noon
  • Lunch Break (2 hours)
  • 2pm to 6pm (may extend beyond)



Applied shamanism to crystal healing

Emphasis on advanced energy work, and the psychic development incremental for powerful healing:

  • More Advanced Meditation, Movement, Stretching, and Breathing Exercises
  • Advanced Hands-on Healing, Crystal Applications
  • Coaching student progression in Hands-on Healing
  • Shamanic Techniques with the Matrix Stone
  • Advanced Encoding, and Programming
  • The Platonic Solids
  • Telepathic Communication with the Crystals
  • Permanent Programming of specific Crystals
  • Healing at a distance
  • Crystal Spheres, and Divination

Level 3

Monday () + Tuesday ()

  • 9am to Noon
  • Lunch Break (2 hours)
  • 2pm to 6pm (may extend beyond)



The exact location of this event in the Calgary area (Alberta, Canada) will be shared with registered participants.

Accommodation & Meals

Accommodations and meals are separate.

We will offer coffee/tea and light snacks during each day during the teachings.


For any question, please contact Us

Level 1 Investment

$444 for 2 days / 14 hours – First indigenous contact with crystals and basics. Includes:

  • A Small Purified Quartz Crystal
  • Free online access to teachings for 6 months (*)

Level 2 Investment

$444 for 2 days / 14 hours  – Healing with crystals and its philosophy. Includes:

  • Free online access to teachings for 6 months (*)

Level 3 Investment

$444 for 2 days / 14 hours – Applied shamanism to crystal healing. Includes:

  • “First Nations Crystal Healing” Luke Blue Eagle’s Book
  • Free online access to teachings for 6 months (*)

(*) Starting only when Classes will be online

All Three Levels Investment

$999 (25% off)  – Includes:

  • 42 hours of Wisdom Teachings with Luke Blue Eagle
  • A Small Purified Quartz Crystal
  • A signed copy of Luke Blue Eagle’s book “First Nation Crystal Healing”
  • Each registered participant will have free online access to all teachings for 6 months


Non-refundable deposit of $200 will hold your spot for any or all of the levels. 

Balance due two weeks before the retreat starts. 

We accept credit cards, and

"You are the first & most important crystal in your life. The authority within you to heal is the greatest gift you have to offer yourself."

Luke Blue Eagle