Luke Blue Eagle Indigenous Crystal Healing Teaching


Friday Night Drumming Circle

WHEN: 7-9 PM

WHERE:  Inglewood Community Hall – Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Free parking lot onsite and street parking available in the area

TICKETS: Tickets can be purchased online (email for info on tickets online) or purchased at the door.

Circle of Rhythms hosts the #1 Integrated Community Drum Circle (ICDC) in North America. Join that community and Elder Blue Eagle for an Indigenous-focused drumming session.

Elder BlUe Eagle will have products available on site (from his perfume company: and his Indigenous Music CDs); donations for products are cash sales only.

Health & Healing from an Indigenous Perspective - FREE

WHEN: 5:30pm to 7:30pm

WHERE: Central Library 800 – 3 Ave SE—Room 3-16B

In this FREE two hour sharing of energy and space, Elder Luke Blue Eagle will share Indigenous methods, why it’s vital that we affirm our health sovereignty (our rights to natural health care).

The medical industry is about managing the symptoms via a dependency on chemical medication.

The Indigenous view is that our whole being (our mind, soul, and emotions) have a profound impact on our health beyond just our physical body.

Elder Blue Eagle will share his 35+ year of findings, protocols, and methods that comprise an energy filled two hours that will also offer a short aromatherapy, and music therapy experience.

Elder Blue Eagle will have products available onsite (from his perfume company:, and his Indigenous Music CDs); donations for products is cash sales only (no price is over $30)

Indigenous Music Therapy - FREE

WHEN:  9:00 – 11:00 AM MDT // 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT

WHERE: Scaboro Community Hall, 1737 – 14 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, Canada

Music Therapy has always been used by Indigenous people. It’s one of the rare forms of “alternative medicine” used in many medical institutions in the world.

Sound Vibrations influence the internal structure of elements in the material world, and offer multiple correspondences with mathematics, and medicine.

Sounds and Music have an influence on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. They can lead us to specific states of consciousness where healing becomes accessible. Luke Blue Eagle will share with you simple and efficient ways of using sounds and music as a daily aid and as a healing practice. He will guide participants in the creation of healing vibrations with their own voice or any instruments they want to bring with them.

These methods will be a combination of theory and practice.

  • No musical experience is required.
  • If you have a hand drum or rattle, please bring it.
  • Snacks provided.

"The medicine of the drum brings unity to the community."

Luke Blue Eagle